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All businesses have similar issues. Many compete head to head, trying to outdo one another. But at the end of the day, people do business with people, and employees can create a success or, unfortunately, a failure. Providing the vital tools to those who are the face of your business is crucial.
Beyond great functionality and a visual theme throughout, we focus on the user experience of those who use what we build. This is really an oversimplification of a concept. We go beyond what technology is capable, we create an experience that will go along with your brand.
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Easy Planning

Let us help you scope out your project, set timelines, and budget out all necessary components from start to finish.


Our designers and full-stack developers will simplify and build solutions even for your most complicated challenges.


From start to finish, FYXO will be there to provide full updates throughout the entire duration of your project until deployment.

We can help your business run smooth with FYXO365

Full time support

We cover everything from your users, equipment, networks to all internal and external systems


System updates, Data migrations and everything in between is covered


Let one of our technology experts help you with your needs.

We operate around the clock to ensure your environment runs smoothly and efficiently.

We accomplish this objective through a combination of proactive remote monitoring, automated system management, and on-site network support.
On-Site Network & Support

Our dedicated team of highly experienced, certified technical professionals understand your IT challenges and provide proactive monitoring and support.

Network Monitoring & Management

Through real-time system monitoring, our Network Operations Center receives 24x7 alerts for issue validation and remediation.

Automated Systems Management

With regular, automated maintenance of systems behind the scenes, we help reduce the need for traditional on-site or break-fix support.